Emerge & Lead is a leadership development program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of individuals that work or volunteer for nonprofit organizations in Kansas. 

The 10-month program will provide unique learning opportunities for building leadership skills and addressing challenges within nonprofit organizations.

Ideal participants for this program should:
- Show substantive history of involvement in the nonprofit sector through employment, volunteerism or board service,
- Be willing to commit to, and attend all sessions of the 10-month program,
- Demonstrate the initiative to becoming a high-performing leader with a commitment to the Kansas nonprofit sector,
- Be energized by addressing challenges, constructive feedback and open to trying new approaches in their work,
- Not afraid to ask questions, challenge yourself, and enrich the learning experience of peers,
- Have an interest in being part of an ongoing alumni network.

Program Components include:
- Participation in Kansas Leadership Center "Your Leadership Edge" - Conference
- Leadership Training
- Peer Coaching 
- Board Governance Training
- Networking
- Mentoring & More

Nonprofit Chamber Members      $250          Nonmembers      $750