Chelsea French

Mayflower Clinic

"I grew up in a family that valued volunteerism, so from an early age I was exposed to helping others. Serving on the Nonprofit Chamber Board helps me give back to the community I live in. It is a way to support nonprofit organizations that come along side of those that are struggling. I truly believe in the work that nonprofits do and the impact they have in the communities they serve."

Dana Cox


Alosha Moore, JD


"During my short tenure, I have found the Nonprofit Chamber to be an integral part of my indoctrination to the nonprofit landscape in Wichita. The network of nonprofit leaders and professionals, the training opportunities and the available resources have made for an easier transition and afforded me opportunities to connect and learn about the breadth of nonprofit work happening in Wichita and the surrounding areas. The NPCS is a resource of possibilities that every area nonprofit should experience."

"When I started at SCARF in 2008, I had not previously been a part of any nonprofit organization. I was made aware of the seminars offered by the Nonprofit Chamber of Service and took advantage of every one that I could. The knowledge gained from these events, along with the networking opportunities provided, were invaluable to my ability to lead my organization."

"As a new and young Executive Director the Nonprofit Chamber of Service was a great asset to me. Within my first few months of being an ED of a local office of a national nonprofit, I utilized the ED Survival Series. I gained a lot of knowledge and support from these meetings and I grew my network both professionally and personally. The NPCS  staff was always there to answer a quick question and be a sounding board for me. The other EDs that attend are always there to listen and share advice."

Sandra Free

Teach Out of Poverty

Connie Zienkewicz

Families Together

Renee Walker


"The Nonprofit Chamber of Service is an excellent resource for the Wichita area to help your non-profit grow and thrive going forward. As an organizational member for years, the Kansas Leadership Center is proud to support the work and mission of the Chamber."

Nikki Freeman


"Families Together has been a member of the Nonprofit Chamber since its inception.  We have retained our membership because it gives our staff the opportunity to network with other non-profits and provides excellent training."

Stephanie Hartung

American Diabetes Association

"Envision is a proud partner of the Nonprofit Chamber of Service and champion their mission of providing support, resources and opportunities to grow other nonprofits throughout the state of Kansas. I would encourage all nonprofits to get involved and take advantage of all the time-saving resources the NPCS provides. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?"

Board of Directors

Kimberly Cronister

Hunter Health