Our Programs & Services

  • Monthly Networking Lunches                                                                Our monthly luncheons not only provide opportunities to make connections but our presenters cover topics that will help you build a successful organization. 

  • Executive Director Survival Series                                               Executive directors have the opportunity to participate in a peer-to-peer group to share challenges, ideas and experiences.

  • Board University                                                                                  Board university sessions are held seven times a year and each session covers different topics related to being a better board member and building a better board. 

  • Emerge & Lead                                                                                       
    A 6-month leadership program specifically for nonprofit staff, board members and volunteers designed to help build nonprofit leaders.

  • Mixers                                                                                        We provide the opportunity to connect with others from nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions as well as political candidates.

  • Employee Recruitment                                                                        Post a job on our job board and we will work with you to help recruit the right person for the position as well as provide advice on transitions and onboarding.

  • Board Recruitment                                                                              Post a board opening on our website and we will work with you to promote the opening and try to connect you with someone from our board bank.

  • Consulting & Training                                                                            We provide consulting, training and strategic planning at affordable rates and can connect you with others that provide similar services. We are also available for a phone call or meeting to just provide some advice and direction.

  • Corporate Partnership for Nonprofit Boards

          The Corporate Partnership for Nonprofit Boards allows companies to                  participate in building better, more impactful nonprofit boards in the

          community. Through this partnership the Nonprofit Chamber of Service

          provides support and training to employees that either represent the 

          company on nonprofit boards or want to do so in the future.  

  • Assistance with Finding Resources                                                        We keep you updated with information on grants, emerging issues, the latest research on nonprofit trends, and provide information on resources for your organization. Need legal, accounting, HR or other services? We can connect you with businesses that specialize in services for nonprofits.


Contact Us

Phone: (316) 440-6744

Email: membership@nonprofitchamberks.org

Mailing address: PO Box 636, Wichita, KS 67201

Office address: 610 N. Main, Suite 431, Wichita, KS 67202

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Our mission is to support nonprofits in fulfilling their mission, building capacity and developing sustainability. 

Our vision is to be the center of nonprofit innovation in Kansas.

​​​The Nonprofit Chamber of Service serves to establish and grow successful nonprofit organizations that contribute to improving the quality of life in our community. We achieve this by providing training, networking, support and resources and by encouraging collaboration and alliances between nonprofit organizations, businesses, government, educational institutions and the community.